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Fifty Shades Red Room Spreader Bar


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For ALL Your Spreading Needs

Have you ever heard of a "spreader bar" before? If YES - then you need to get this one. If NO, then you need to get this one. Period. Now. Go on. Here is a link: http://www.tootimid.com/fifty-shades-leather-spreader-7655.html

I am tempted to leave the review there, but I won't. I will explain WHY you need to spend a good chunk of change on THIS spreader bar.

Firstly, I love spreader bars and have used (or been spread by) quite a few. Not all spreader bars are made the same, and certain aspects send different ones over the top as far as quality and versatility go. This one is beautifully designed with leather and brass accents on the firm and very solid bar that is also leather wrapped. This bar also boasts 2 separate cuffing possibilities with the solid, brass clasps on both ends AND facing upwards. Depending on how you want to "spread" your prisoner will depend on where you attach the cuffs. The clasps are universal and can be used with pretty much any cuff system that you may already have. PLUS, if you are very much bondage-driven, the multi-clasp format could turn your spreader bar into a hanging bar! Whooop!

My boyfriend has never seen nor used a spreader bar - so when I showed him how he could attach my ankles to the bar and thereby "keep me spread" he was oh, so intrigued to try! I have various cuffs (many from the 50 Shades line) and we just experimented with the different ways to use this bar. His favorite was me on my stomach, the bar between my ankles and both my wrists also attached to the bar. Get the picture? One set of cuffs attached to he outside of the bar, the others to the other clasps, behind my back. Helpless and eager to play!

This bar is very secure (you won't break it in the "struggle"), it is expertly made with high quality materials. THe clasps are not going to break or bend either (and trust me, many spreader bars are very flimsy). You will stay where put with this bar.

So, now you know! If you want to experiment with the idea of a spreader bar, this is an excellent pick. Imagine the possibilities here. You can attach ankles, wrists or both. You can place the bar behind a chair back, suspended from the ceiling, attached to a headboard, or simply use it alone. Mmmmm, the possibilities!

Get one NOW: http://www.tootimid.com/fifty-shades-leather-spreader-7655.html

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