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Carry Along Cross

I love this item. Love. Absolutely love. Hey, have I said I love this item? I do. I love this item. I have used many over-the-door restraints and sex swings, but never have I seen an over the door, portable, fully adjustable bondage cross! Bondage crosses provide a whole bunch of naughty bondage pleasure, but up until this one arrived I had never seen a portable one. I have seen (and had the pleasure of being restrained on) wooden crosses (sometimes called St. Andrew's crosses) and I loved that experience. They are not really "crosses" as you would imagine in a "t" shape, but instead more like an X. There are wrist and ankle restraint cuffs on the top and bottom of the "x" that causes the restrained person to have their legs spread about shoulder width apart and their arms extended over their head and spread as well. As you can imagine, this really does provide ample opportunities for naughtiness!

This travel cross is so easy to use. VERY adjustable. Just take it out of the box and adjust it to the size of your door (I have standard doors in my house, but my boyfriend has larger ones at his - it fits on both - I TRIED!). THere are little plastic stoppers on the tops and bottoms of each arm of the X. You slide the ones for the TOP of the door over the door top, making sure they are stretched across to make the top of the X, then close the door. Then, wiggle the bottom stoppers under the door so that they also create a tight fit. This worked well at my house where there was carpet, but at my boyfriend's with the hardwood floors we had to keep the door open and tape the bottom ones to the back of the door to keep them there while we affixed the top stoppers. If there is the will, there is a way.

The set comes with 4 soft cuffs that affix to the tops and bottoms of the cross. The tethers for the cross are adjustable to fit different door sizes, but the wrist and ankle tethers do not adjust, they just affix with a clasp to the cross. So, once you have the cross hung and secure, you can restrain your partner to the cross easily AND securely. I was surprised that the stoppers held as well as they did - I definitely could NOT get out (not that I really wanted to).

I am rather short, just over 5 feet tall, and I had no issues reaching the cuffs. The height of the cuff placement IS adjustable, but they are not adjustable as to how far they will move off of the cross. Meaning, you can adjust the 'stretch' point of the cuff placement, but not how the cuff attaches to the tether.

This product is plain ole' naughty fun! I love it. LOVE IT. So will you!

Come on, you know you want one: http://www.tootimid.com/scandal-over-the-door-cross-7986.html

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