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Wireless Vibe For At Work...


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My wife is interested in a discrete wireless vibe she can use at work with nobody hearing in her office...

Anyone have some insight or experience in this regard? I see some sound ratings on some toys but does not specifically state that they can be used discretely in public.



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canuck first thing welcome to the forums read through ask questions and most of all just have fun , as far as your question all I can offer for advice is to look at a couple different ones and read the reviews, I would thing something small and slow vibration would be quieter sorry I cant help you more however knowing how the people on here are someone will give the advice your looking for its a well rounded great group

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The biggest problems with some of the hands-free toys is that some are louder than others, and some may hear it. Though, most people won't. If she has her own office, that's a perk, and there are some really good hands-free vibes here.

I've used this with success:


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