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Here's another addition to California Exotic's i5 line, and they call it Lavish.

A gorgeous dark blue silicone, this rather bulbous, wavy looking toy, feels satiny-smooth, waterproof, and is 1.5" in diameter, and almost 7" long, but is only about 5" insertable.

I love silicone toys due to how easy they are to use. Plus, there's no smell, and antibacterial, all of which is a plus. The design of this toy is more modern, and less phallic.

This toy takes 3AAA batteries (not incl), which go in the base, where the control buttons are, where you unscrew it, and follow the symbols showing you how they go. And, believe me, those little batteries definitely do a good job! The controller has 5 independent functions plus a variety of 5 speeds, and an LED light indicator.The middle tear-drop shaped button turns it on and off. That's the button you hold for 3 seconds to shut it off. The left button decreases the vibe strengths, and the right side increases the vibe strengths.

I really liked this toy. I felt full, and I loved the full-feeling, and the vibe strengths. The waves on the sides didn't really stimulate me as much as I'd like, but, overall, I love this toy, and will be using this one again!

Cleaning it was a bit more detailed oriented due to the ridges of the waves on the sides, but, overall, relatively easy items .

I'd recommend this toy for a moderate to advanced toy user due to the buttons and the care of silicone (remember never to use silicone lubes with silicone toys).

I give this toy 3.5 out of 4 Tyger paws up!


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