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I've seen so many versions of the rabbit sex toys. All sorts of shapes and sizes. However, this one really grabbed my attention, because, as my screen name suggests, I love big cats. And this Jungle Jaguar from Blush Novelties is right up my alley!

The packaging is great! The clear plastic box the toy is in, makes it easy to see, along with some nice benefits listed on the side of the box. Then, surrounding the box, is a nice hard plastic frame-like casing which helps add style and protection for the toy. On the purple frame, it has the specs of the toy as well.

Not only is it a big cat, it's also a great purple color. The it's made from TPE, which is like a jelly material, so there was a slight rubbery odor to it. It wasn't an overwhelming smell though.

This is a very long toy, at almost 11" long, but the insertable length is almost 6" long and 1.75" in diameter. The leaping jaguar part is about 4" long. The box says that it's "splash proof", which means it's not waterproof, and says that you can use it in the shower. The gasket in the base is decent, and so is the gaskets around the buttons as well. I haven't used it in the shower though.

The shiny purple base unscrews to open up to have a battery insert for you to put your 3 AAA batteries. There are 2 buttons on the base, one that controls the shaft that is the insertable, ribbed part with the penis shaped head. That part has its own bullet for vibrations, and 3 settings of rotations. The other button controls the bullet in the jaguar. And let me tell you, this thing purrs to life when you turn it on!! The buttons light up, so you know which one is on. To shut it off, you hold each button that's on down for 3 seconds. This toy is NOT overly quiet, but it does has a lot of power.

The jaguar looks like it's leaping and roaring, so the paws are in the front, and the little mouth is open. This adds more direct stimulation to your clit, not to mention it's pretty cool looking too!

I love the power of this toy! The jaguar's power was making me purr and climb the walls in no time at all. The vibes in each of the bullets is independent, and strong. Satisfying this very demanding Tyger herself!

This toy is a pretty pleaser that I'd recommend for an intermediate to advanced toy user due to the size of the toy and care of the material. TPE needs to be cleaned well, and I'd recommend that it's stored in the original packaging to protect it.

This toy gets a leaping Tyger rating (pawsome!!!). It definitely brought out my wild side! RAWR!

Pounce on this toy yourself!!! http://www.tootimid.com/jungle-jaguar-7838.html

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You have some very well written reviews! I'm taking notes for the reviewes I'm getting ready to write in the next week or so!! Definitely made me interested in this! Keep up the grea reviews Tyger 

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Thank you very much. I'm glad you're enjoying them. I can't wait to read some of your reviews. :)

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looks like a wonderful valentines gift for my wen, she does love her rabbits tho.

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