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Glass Viened Wand


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Just got my free glass wand. I wanted to try it and did. Used it in the shower, and I have NEVER had a smoother experience. I used it anally and no lube, it slipped in so easily.

I am going to look and see of it can be used with a strap on harness and go from there. With a little lube that would be the easiest to use that there is!!

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I love love love glass products!! When a woman uses them, usually lubes aren't really needed because they're so smooth! And, easy to clean!!! I love the fact that they're made of the same type of glass as a popular glass cookware, so you KNOW they're safe, sturdy, and not to mention, very pretty as well! If this toy has a base to it, it may very well be used in a harness. If you have a harness, I would suggest getting some of the graduating rings, usually made of sturdy rubber, that helps keep the toys in the harness easier (if the harness has the snaps to put the toy in that is). Let us know how it's going!!!

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My girl wenwitch has a glass toy and she loves it as well so ive been looking into getting her more, they are easy for me to use on her when shes asleep, I can reach into her toy box and pull it out and wake her gentely with it then get right into the morning glory. :D :D :D:kiss: :kiss:

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