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The Ladybug Tickler


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Nasstoys has always been one of my favorite toy companies. Very innovative, designing toys women by women. So I was thrilled to get this wearable, hand-free toy that is designed to stimulate your clit while still being able to be penetrated. And since we all know it's about the clit for most of us women, this toy seems perfect to get the best of both worlds.

I decided to try this toy solo. Taking it out of the box, there was no odor, due to the toy being silicone. The straps are also silicone, so you know they're sturdy. Now, I'm a semi-thick girl, and these straps do fit my legs, but they were almost all the way adjusted, so, these aren't for really big girls. The straps are just wide enough where they don't really cut into your skin, but I knew they were there, and it wasn't totally uncomfortable nor were they painful. Just slightly irritating.

This toy is a nice red color, straps and remote too. The "ladybug" does resemble the top view of a lady bug, with it's shell/wings, and the dots (though they're not black). The part that tickles the clit look like 2 long prongs, which are almost 1.5" long. The prongs are designed to go on either side of your clit, to stimulate it from both sides. This toy is a very compact design. It's almost 6" tall, and 1.5" deep. This toy fits under loose fitting pants or a skirt very easily. So, not only can it be used during sex with your partner, it can be used as a stimulator around the house, or out in public as well! It's also waterproof, so it can also be used in the shower.

The remote is made out of a hard plastic, is almost 5" or so long, and houses the 2 AAA batteries that it needs to power the strong bullet in the ladybug. And powers it they do!!! Don't be afraid, this little bug has some strong vibes, yet it's pretty quiet, so if there's some background noises, unless someone is right up next to you, this little bug won't be heard. At first, I was skeptical of the short cord that goes from the remote to the bug, but, it was actually perfect for wearing the ladybug, and putting the remote in my pant's pocket. It's also simple to use! Only 2 buttons are on the remote. One turns it on/off, the other changes the settings for your vibes. They go from medium to strong, and several patterns as well.

Putting this toy on was the trickiest part, because I had to get those prongs juuuuuuuuuust right against my clit. This involved not only moving the toy up and down, but adjusting the straps as well. But, after several tries, I was humming right along, and my clit was very happy, and since I'm sensitive, my clit was responding to my lil' ladybug, and having to hold on to the doorway as I came. It was very satisfying!!

I will be using this little lovely again very soon, probably with my lover, to see how it works with another. Oh, yes!

It's really easy to use, clean up, and it really works. It is very good for most toy user levels. The tricky part it the adjusting to your clit.

Buzz on over, and get this little Ladybug!!! http://www.tootimid.com/The-Ladybug-Tickler-8083.html

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