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Ride N' Glide Couples Ring


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The RIDE N' GLIDE COUPLES RING has huge potential that in my books covered a few key areas every women would enjoy. When the Ride N Glide got here I was pleased to see it came in a cute little sturdy box I could easily store in my cabinet. Included in that little box was a tube of MOIST Lubricant and Toy Cleaner, no need to run out to the store when you realize you’ve run out.

Set up is super easy simply place the egg vibe into the silicone ribbed underside, I would recommend using some provided lube or you could find yourself struggling with this process. Once the egg vibe is in place you will need 2 AA batteries for your remote. The remote is quite simple with a very easy slide wheel on the side up for stronger vibes and down for lower or off position. The strength is actually very good both outside and inside the sleeved compartment. The silicone ribbed shaft makes for some interesting glide time and I did find that pretty enjoyable.

Considering every women is different I have come to understand that for myself there are a few things I have become picky about, one of them being placement. Nothing can kill a moment when your there struggling to get into a comfortable position while your partner waits. When gliding I found that the egg if not placed correctly gave me more problems than it was worth causing slight discomfort which led me ultimately scraping the idea all together. The egg vibe was slightly uncomfortable for myself as it would not correctly be in place in an area I would desire it to be. I think a simple solution to this would be to make it where the shaft is shorter for ladies like myself so that you can get the full effect. I kid you not its worth a try because I still have hope I’ll find a sweet spot.

Outside of my own minor difficulties I have to say on my husband’s behalf the cock ring fit very well, was comfortable and had no pinching and provided ample time to get things done. The Silicone cock ring simply stretches to your desired size while you comfortably adjust it to your desired location.

Don’t let my shortcomings ruin a possible good time for you. I would highly recommend you give this a try there is really nothing to lose on this one. If worst comes to worst you got yourself an amazingly strong little egg bullet and decorative cock ring. With the price and customer satisfaction I have received with other products through this site it is a worthy risk.

Rating 3/5 OOOOO Bubbles

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I totally agree with the placement issues. Thanks for the honest review!!

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