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I was thinking that sometimes, it's hard to figure out where to post certain topics. Plus, since they're updating the site, I think that a Forum refresh/add on is a good thing? So, I'm going to message Rob with the link to this topic so he'll be sure to see it. I was wondering what your ideas for any new Forums may be?

So far, I have come up with:

*Safer Sex Circle (with sub forums for men and women, birth control, STDs, condoms, and how to make it fun without killing the mood). Of course there would be a disclaimer that this forum is NOT a replacement for professional medical care.

*In Love and Relationships Stuff-The Single Life

*In Love and Relationships Stuff-Bi-Life, Women Loving Women, Men Loving Men, and Other.(4 sub forums) With a descriptive message that everyone may not approve of such lifestyles, but respect is expected.

*Not sure where this one would go, but something for TooTimid Site Suggestions

*Have a new Forum about Sex in Politics and News with a notice that everyone has a right to their opinion, but please remain respectful.

*Sex Toys-Wish List-what do you want in a sex toy?

*A new forum called The Cafe-where people can just chat about whatever, and not clog up other topics with random chit-chat/flirting. With subforums like maybe: Holidays, Flirting, Socializing, Sex in TV, Movies, Books, Celebrities and Porn Stars

*In Love and Relationships: Age Is Nothing But A Matter of the Mind

*Erotic Massage, Meditation, and Deeper Connecting

*In Sex Positions and Techniques: Strap-It-On Fun, BDSM Equipment


Anyway, those are some of my ideas. What are yours? Message me if you can't respond to this. I'll add them to this list as I get them, with your names.

From Gadgetgeek:

I was thinking maybe we could have an area all about sex toys. Then individual areas under that for Men and Women. Something like Male Masturbators, Dildos, Vibrators, Cock Rings, ElectroSex, Anal Toys, etc. What do you think?



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