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Pyxis Finger Massager


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This is my first Jopen Key toy. I always love getting new toys from companies I haven't tried out yet, and with this little cutie being USB chargable (no batteries to install!!), cord included, being silicone, and a beautiful baby blue color, I couldn't wait to charge this up and get started! I also liked that it is waterproof AND comes with a nice little black drawstring bag to store it all in as well.

I loved the box it comes in. Very private, sturdy, and descriptive, I had no troubles getting into it. It says that it fully charges in 2 hours. I plugged in one end into my laptop, and the other end, which has 2 prongs that go to the 2 metal circles on the toy, which was a bit tricky, since I was actually ON my laptop, which was, well, on my lap, the toy's connection was not that great. There's a light on the toy that goes on (red) when it's charging, so I knew if it was being charged or not.

There's 5 settings that is controlled by the simple one silver button on part of the top that goes around part of the finger. The flat "base" stimulation plate has slight raised wave looking patterns on it for added stimulation. I was impressed with the strongest steady vibe setting, and couldn't wait to use it later that night on my girlfriend. The only issue that I have with this toy, is that the 2 curved prongs that wrap mostly around your finger is a bit big. Even for my middle finger. I don't have small or large fingers for a woman, they're more like a medium size, but it's like it's designed more for male fingers really.

Settling in, me and my girlfriend started playing. She likes a strong vibe too, and loved how it felt on her skin, nipples, and body. However, when we got down to the clit, after several repositionings, and trying the other settings, this toy left her wanting. Yes, it was great as a teaser. And, she orgasms better with more of direct clit stimulation, so this toy fell short of delivering the big bang for her. We then tried it on me for a while. Again, it felt great everywhere else, but, alas, this was not the Key I was looking for. I wasn't able to get a more direct stimulation on my clit. It did stimulate my labia, and surrounding areas of my clit, but the waves didn't even help. Then, with both of us, we had to hold on to the finger massager with another finger, coupled with the soft and smooth silicone, it was slick, which made maneuvering a bit more difficult.

Sad to say,that I have to give this toy a 1 out of 4 Tyger Paw rating, for innovation alone. It's rare that I give such a low rating, however, it wasn't up to my standards mostly because of the way it didn't hold on to my fingers, and the difficulty I had with charging it. It's definitely not a toy for beginners due to the frustration level I experienced with it.



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