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Our Room Prepare Me Kit


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I love trying out bedroom kits. Whether it's a variety of lubes, a mix of items, or toy/lube kits, you gotta love the variety you get with them.

This is called Our Room Prepare Me Kit, and it really is all about preparedness. Created by Jo, their Limited Edition line, Volume IV, this 3 some is one you will want to incorporate into the bedroom for some romantic fun. Valentine's Day is coming up before I did this review, and this would be a great, sexy gift idea!

In this kit, you have 3 bottles. The first is a 1 fl oz. flip-top bottle of Kissable Massage Oil, Devilish Chocolate. Taking the seal off the inside of the bottle, I was greeted with a very strong and pleasant scent of a rich chocolate. Yummy! I did try a tad taste of it, since it says it tastes like a devilishly decadent chocolate cake. Where I did love the smell, the taste was not of cake, but more like the syrupy left-overs of a hot chocolate drink. Not bad, but I enjoyed the scent of the massage oil better. And it spread very nicely on my lover, and stayed slick. She loved how it felt on her skin, and, of course, we both love chocolate, so this was a win-win! The flip top bottle does squirt rather quickly, and a little goes a long way, so be careful.This massage oil is for EXTERNAL use only, so do NOT use this as a lube. Cleaning up was a bit challenging, and it may cause staining, which is also mentioned on the kit's box. I had read the box first, so I had laid a towel down first. Again, all about preparedness! ;) The first ingredient is Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil. Be sure to check the total ingredient listing to make sure there's no allergy concerns.

Then there's a 1 fl. oz. flip-top bottle of H2O Flavored Lube which is the Pink Champagne flavor. Taking the seal off of that bottle, the scent was definitely that of champagne, which was pretty pleasant. And it did have a slight champagne taste (I'm not a big fan of champagne, but this was nice). The lube stayed nice and slick, and coupled with the chocolate scented massage oil on my lover's back, the complimented each other rather nicely. The first ingredient of this lube is Glycerine, so, again, check the total ingredient listing. This lube is condom safe, and around the genital area. Cleaning this up was pretty easy, and the lube is a clear liquid, so I don't think that it will stain anything. We didn't seem to get any anywhere other than on/in us, so if it did go anywhere, I didn't see stains, which is always a plus!!

Last, but not least, is the 1 fl. oz spray bottle of toy cleaner "refresh and revitalize". This isn't really scented in any specific scent, but it does smell clean. The press down spritz bottle sprays just enough cleaner. Then you simply wash off the cleaner, and your toys are nice and clean. I used this on a small silicone toy, in the place of soap. Though, as a creature of habit, I prefer the soap and water, this cleaner did help clean the toy nicely.

This kit comes in a small box, which is very tasteful, simple, and descriptive. It dares you to "Boldly enter and be prepared for what may behold you". It's perfect to give as a gift, or to pack in your bag for a weekend romantic getaway.

I give this kit 3 1/2 out of 4 Tyger Paws. This is a great way to Prepare Me!

Prepare Me Kit Volume IV

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