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Its leather, it has snaps, and it is effective! This was my first Cock and Ball divider toy. When I first got it I thought "There was no way I can fit in that!" I was wrong. If you have never used a strap like this before, the first few times of wear will feel very awkward at first. It will feel very tight... that is the point! This little strap packs a huge squeeze between your balls, making them so sensitive to any touch, making your orgasm a little more intense. The build quality is pretty good. The leather feels very strong, but not rigid. And this thing is not just held together by some stitching, that may pop over time, not this strap. The base strap and divider strap are held together with some solid hardware, and the divider snaps are very sturdy, allowing for a tight squeeze. My only con would really be that I was worried about pinching my skin in the snap, and these snaps hold! But that was something I worried less about as I got used to it and figured out how I can put it on more "comfortably". If you are looking for something different to try, or even if you are a long time CBT enthusiasts, you will not be disappointed by the results of this toy. It delivers on exactly what it promises!


Product Linkhttp://www.tootimid.com/3-piece-cock-and-ball-divider.html











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