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New and want to find a young but legal black lover!

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Hello, I am kinda new to this, yet have had a few by erotic interracial relationships.  I love the younger black males who are of course legal age and have been very fortunate to find two very handsome black young men to enjoy sexually with no strings attached.  But one has quit school and went back home to Virginia where he is from and the other has a very serious girlfriend that does not want me in his picture.   I prefer a 18 years old or 19  but with some maturity, and tremendous sexual skills.  I am a mature woman, whose husband has Congestive Heart Failure and has allowed me to enjoy sex while married.  He has a serious ED problem and ED medication is out of the question.  Please help me find a young black male willing to work with us.  Husband does  not get involved. 56defd028341b_..aBeautifulblondteacherpe Discretion a must with NSA!56defd6fa4606_.....Amegettingreadytoshow

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I think you're confused as to the subject of THIS particular website. It's not a dating site, or "help me find someone" website. If you're looking for something like that, I'd suggest Tinder or POF (Plenty Of Fish).

This website is for mature adults that love sex, and love discussing sex, toy usage, and that sort of thing. NOT a hook up site. However, feel free to peruse the site and comment on things that interest you.

Best wishes.

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