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Cory's Twisted Vibe


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Hmm where to start with Mr. Cory, he’s very attractive looking and has several nice qualities, however he just wasn’t my type... I am a lover of vibrators and Cory fell short. The vibrations on this guy were not as strong as I had hoped to really rock my world. Also the twisted ribbed edge around him- I didn’t find pleasant as much as uncomfortable. I will say he is extremely flexible and can definitely move in any direction you want him too. Another, positive side of Cory is that he is water proof so bath time is definitely more enjoyable with his company. I do enjoy toys that that have the multi speed dial at the bottom the way Cory does, it makes for a comfortable adjustments during playtime. I also think that toys with multi speed dials are great for beginner toy users, especially when finding the right speed to make you burst.

I used Cory both in the bathtub and with my husband, I would say bathtub was definitely more pleasurable then using it with my husband. Again, the ribbed edges weren’t doing it for me when I used it with my husband, and in the bathtub it felt like the vibrations were lulled even more. It still definitely helped me achieve my awesome orgasm don’t get me wrong, but I would have liked an explosion!

Cory uses AA batteries which for an avid toy user like myself, I love that. AAs are easy to come by and are usually handy in a TV remote when you can’t find them anywhere else! Clean up can be a little bit of a hassle because of the ridges, but the rubbery material makes it easy to clean in water. I feel like this toy would be ideal for a first time user of vibrators the speeds and vibrations are not too much for a beginner, but are a great way to find what you like and still get the amazing “O” that your craving!

Here's the link to Mr. Cory he could be the man for you! 



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Sometimes twisted is VERY good!!

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