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What time does the toy arrive?


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I'm buying my girlfriend her first vibrator. If I get the same day shipping - what time of the day will it arrive? She preferably wants it discrete, on a weekday, and before 6pm - but we're not sure if it arrives before that time?

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the package will be very discrete, it will look like it came from a company called Atlantic Innovations. and if its delivered by snail mail it will be delivered at your normal delivery time .

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That would really be up to your local postal service, or UPS, whichever company is used to overnight stuff. TooTimid only has control over when they get it shipped out, not when your postal service delivers (time wise). Though, I'd say that it'd probably be your normal delivery time. UPS & FedEx usually deliver to areas in about the same itme. They'll send you a tracking number, which will tell you which company will be delivering it. and yes, they're very discreet, the return address is Atlantic Innovations, so, unless someone else gets packages from here, they'll have no idea! They usually arrive in a white box. So, no worries about shipping.

I've never overnighted anything from here, so I don't know what service is used for overnight shipping, sorry.

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