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Swings are interesting. There are a number of different types of swings. There are the type that you place in the door jam and then close the door. These are fun for suspension play but don't give you much back and for the movement as you are up against the door. The positions you can play with are fun, especially, in my opinion, for oral stimulation. The swings that have their own St of poles that you handle the swing from offer more freedom of movement, more positions to play with and more flexibility. The down side is they take a lot of room. If you are putting it up and taking it down each time there is a time commitment to consider. Last you have to think about storage of the device. The type that hang from a book in the ceiling are my personal favorites. Just hook and go and play. You don't have to work around poles. You have complete freedom of movement. Weight restrictions are not an issue ( if you have a strong hook and a sturdy beam ). Of course price is a factor. Depending on what you want to spend you can go fairly cost effective and get a door hanging swing or go up from there. No matter...just have fun.

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I have often thought of a swing for my wenwitch and I to play around with, They seem like fun and I think wen would be excited with it


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