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Pocket Rockets are a staple in any woman's sex toy collection, in my honest opinion. I find they're better than most bullets, and get the Job. DONE! Most are pretty affordable, easy to use, and only require one battery.

So, when I got the JimmyJane Iconic Pocket Rocket, I was super excited to try it out. I've tried  out a couple of JimmyJane items, and they've never let me down before. And I've always been impressed with their designs and quality, so I was looking forward to this experimenting! It is a bit more expensive than many pocket rockets I've gotten before, but I was hoping for something that was worth the BANG for my buck. And I was not disappointed!!! First off, this hard plastic white beauty came in a very simple box, and when I opened it, I was excited to see that it already came with its own AA battery. As with most pocket rockets, it only took the one, and it goes in easily. It's easy to turn off and on with a simple twist, and it has one setting. Again, like most, its one setting is HIGH, and I just love strong vibes! Oh yeah! The vibe is not overly loud, but not quiet either. On a scale of 1 to 5 for loudness, I'll give it a 3. It's also water proof, which is great for shower play!

It's your basic pocket rocket design, with 4 plastic nubbies on the top for better direct stimulation, and it even has a clear plastic cap for the top that just snaps on, to keep it nice and clean after playing, which adds to it's travel-ability, so, even if it's in your purse, the top will stay clean no matter what. The sides have a raised ridges as well as the base, to make sure you can keep a grip on your play toy as you stimulate various parts of your body.

Grabbing mine, and starting to rub it all around my labia and clit, working myself up slowly, The vibes were the perfect strength for me, and I was rocketing to a very strong orgasm in no time!

I'd recommend this toy for a beginner or experienced toy user. It's ease of use, care, and ability to travel well, makes this a great addition to your toy collection. It'll bring you to the moon and back!! BLAST OFF!

This pocket rocket is well worth the money. I give it 4 out of 4 Tyger Paws rating!


JimmyJane Pocket Rocket-to the moon!

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