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I love what my boyfriend does to me :)

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I started having sex again recently and now randomly during the day I think of him and instantly get a shiver over my body and moan softly to myself. All I think of him is kissing my neck, kissing me, kissing my breasts, breathing into my ear and when I'm holding onto him as were having sex. He looks so deeply into my eyes as I'm moaning and once he said out loud, "Omg you look so beautiful!" In the end I just end up kissing him harder and start dirty talking out loud. One thing I realize is that he's not much of a dirty talker, he only does it ever once in awhile. I'm starting to love how sensual he is and when he does dirty talk me, it instantly arouses me. It comes when I'm least expecting it. We communicate very well with each other and were both very playful. He's even bit me on my neck once and he's never ever done this before and I loved it. After he did it he looked at me thinking it hurt me and I told him, "Wow I loved that you did that." All he did was smile but he didn't do it again though. Think he's teasing me and exploring my entire body by the things he does and seeing my reaction to things. I must say this and I'll be honest, he beats every guy I've ever been with in bed. My boyfriend now is so funny, loving and loves to joke around. He makes me laugh a lot, but once we get to the bedroom he's an entirely different person. It's as if he will do anything to make me happy. I even remember saying to him, When I make love you, I can tell that it's real. I actually feel love. and he responded, Yeah cause I actually care. What kind of guys have you been dating anyways? And sadly all the guys I dated in my past didn't put their all into me. I'm so happy I found him. :wub:

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