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Wow! Silicone Waterproof G-spot Rabbit


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G-Motion? Well, that's a new happy phrase for me! G-Motion is what Pipedream is calling this rabbit that vibrates in all of the right places AND is designed to stimulate your g-spot! Impossible you say? Oh, contrare! Let me explain a bit!

This wasscally wabbit comes with several fantastically fun features! First, it comes in a fun and informative box, that even has one of those big action pictures of the shaft's head going up and down. Neat! The back of the box has all of the features pointed out, for easy use and education of your new toy. The box has clear inserts that my new pink rabbit goes into. I'm keeping the clear inserts to store it in for safety. This looks like a long toy, since it's almost 11" long in total. However, the insertable length is a little less than 6". So, it's not too big, not too small.

Now, I've tried many-a-rabbit in my day, but this one was particularly exciting for me. Most rabbits either vibrate all over the place, are made of jelly for better flexibility of the toy, or it has those pretty common rotating beads somewhere on the shaft. This one doesn't have jelly or rotating beads.

The rabbit itself is made of Elite Silicone. Though most silicone toys can be boiled and sterilized, this cannot due to the electronics housed in the smooth, slightly contoured hard plastic base. Speaking of the base, that's a great area of fun! The very bottom twists off so you can put the 4 AA batteries in. The base slides out, you put the batteries in, then insert and twist back into place. The twisting back in place is a bit snug, so be aware of that. Also, when you take the batteries out (which you should do in between uses), the base twists a bit hard, and you may have to tap it-gently- to get it out. The seal on it is really good for the waterproof-ness. With the batteries in, it's pretty heavy.

This toy has may vibe options. Each has its own button. The rabbit clit stimulator button is on the top right. The icon is suppose to look like rabbit ears, but to me it looked like a curvy letter M. The shaft's vibe is on the top left, and that icon looks kinda like the shaft. Those have the 3 steady vibes, low, medium and high. Then it has a few different vibe pattern settings as well. Each button controls them independently, so you choose the fun for each of the 3 motors! The middle button is for the G-motion of the head of the toy, making it go up and down (not in a thrusting in-out motion like it kind of states that it does, but kinda like a tapping one). The bottom button shuts the whole thing off, which is the easiest way to do so. However, pushing the motor's buttons for 3 seconds, shuts that particular function off too.

The shaft is smooth silicone, with some ridges where the head starts to bend. The head is curved up a bit, to help stimulate the g-spot better. But, again, it does NOT thrust in and out. It only goes up and down, again, like a tapping motion. With the curve of the head, it creates a very good "come hither" motion, which is key for g-spot stimulation. I will say that when the G-Motion feature is activated, this thing is LOUD! And the higher the setting, the louder it is. The silicone does NOTHING to prevent the noise for that.

The rabbit is decently quiet though. The rabbit houses the bullet that is very powerful and quiet, and gives quite the stimulation. The rabbit's ears also are silicone, and stick out pretty far so you can position them on or around your clit, however you want them. I preferred the rabbit's nose to be right up against my clit myself.

So, on our play night, I'd taken the toy out of the box already, washed it, put the batteries in, and used just  a touch of water-based lube to get things started smoothly. And smooth it was. The shaft was off when I put it in, and it was very pleasing. My snatch was very appreciative of the quality silicone sliding into her. I turned the rabbit bullet on first, enjoying the stimulation of my clit, making me wetter and wetter. My girlfriend then turned on the shaft's vibrations (not the gyrating), which felt really good too. We played like that for a while, slowly thrusting it in and out of my wet snatch easily and comfortably. It was awesome! I had to make sure that my clit and snatch were both sensitive and ready for more, and then came the main event. I turned on the gyrating (thumping) motion. Even inside of me, it was still pretty loud. I decided to go slow at first, which felt surprisingly good. After a little bit of that fun, I turned it up to the 3rd steady setting, and was really feeling good. Instead of thrusting it in and out of me, I let the toy do the work. And boy, did it ever!! It felt SOOO good!! This toy was making me cum from, yes, a g-spot orgasm! I was really glad that this pink lovely is waterproof, because I soaked it!

I will say that, after a few minutes of having the shaft on, and having it inside of me, it periodically just stopped the thumping action. Just briefly, like half a second to a second, then it would go on again. This was on the steady settings, and when I was NOT clenching my muscles. This really didn't affect my pleasure at all, I just was a bit surprised when it just stopped, oh, go..........stop.........go........kinda thing. It wasn't all of the time, or a steady issue though.

All in all, this toy is very worth every penny, and does the majority of the work for you!!! I'd recommend this toy for a semi-experienced to experienced toy user looking to stimulate their g-spot. There's a lot going on here with the buttons and motors that may intimidate a new toy user, but, if you're into a new adventure, go for it!!! It tickled me pink enough to get a 4 out of 4 Tyger Paw rating plus a resounding PURR!!!

Gyrate, vibe, and GO!




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