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Rechargable Rotating Jack Rabbit


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GREAT! This vibrator takes the cake for custom pleasure toy. First off, I love that the buttons control all 3 parts of the vibrator one controls the rotations, one controls vibrating speeds and one controls the little rabbit. This was my absolute favorite part of the vibrator, having the customization of using your favorite part of a vibrator makes this jack rabbit worth every penny! Even within each section there are so many options! Different vibration speeds, rotating patterns make it again so amazing to customize your orgasm intensities to your specific liking. The silicone that it’s made of also makes it super easy to clean and water resistant!

The one pro/con of this vibrator is the rechargeable part. On one hand its great because no batteries no worrying about batteries dying who doesn’t love that! However, it was hard for me to find the port where the charger prong goes into, (it’s on the bottom, it looks like a little plug that would come out but it doesn’t come out the prong actually just goes into it). Once I found it I just left it there to charge, but didn’t realize you have to press power and a blue light comes on and flashes while it charges. This was my only complaint about this beauty. Once I figured it out of course it’s easy and very nice to have the recharge option. I would recommend this to a medium to pro toy user that know what they like and look for in a toy. This is a great vibrator I highly recommend it!!

Here's the link so you can check out this rabbit! 



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Good review. But, what would make it better is saying how strong the vibes were, material of the toy, loudness of toy, was it waterproof, and personal experience.

Love your avatar, very cute!

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