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Oopsies!!! Slipage, forgot the Pill, failures......


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I think that we all have experienced some sort of birth control/protection failings, condoms slipping off, forgetting that little Pill, caps falling off, holes tearing in condoms.

Have you ever had something like this happen personally? How did you cope? If it was something like having forgotten the Pill, say, like forgetting your Rx at home when you went away on a trip, did you use back up? Morning After Pill?

Share you scare stories, and the solutions.

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1) As a newbie, I got into a bit of a romance with a more experienced girl.  During one of our rendezvous, I didn't leave room at the tip of the condom to collect goo (cuz I didn't know any better), and semen leaked out all over the place.  And it was the worst time of the month for that to happen.  Besides scolding me for not putting the condom on properly, she took another condom, which had a spermicide lubricant, and inserted it to try to get more spermicide into action.  I don't know whether that worked or we were just lucky, but there was no pregnancy.

2) Wife was on the pill.  We took a trip overseas, and (I forget the details now) she either forgot them at home or got mixed up from jetlag and missed a dose or two.  In any event, I found a store and stocked up on condoms.

3) Early on after getting married we relied on the rhythm method.  It does not work very well.  Kid #1 was the eventual result.  (She had been on the pill; don't remember why she went off.  Maybe she hadn't been back to the doc in a while and the prescription ran out ?? )

4) When the wife was back on the BC pill, she started one cycle a day late.  One stinkin' day.  Kid #2 was the result.

5) Lastly, while on the pill, she didn't mess up, didn't start late, didn't miss a dose, and she still got preggo.  With Kid #3 on the way, I got over my shyness and called a vet (urologist) and got myself fixed.  I didn't touch my wife for three months after Kid #3 was born, until the sperm count tests all came back negative.

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Thanks for being brave and being the first one to share, Square!!!

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