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Pump-Worx pistol grip power pump


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pd326623b_thumbnail.jpgpd326623b.jpg&maxx=50&maxy=0When I received the package I was excited yet a little apprehensive being that this is my first penis pump. Upon opening the package and putting it together, I first tried it using my hand to feel the suction. I was surprised by the amount of suction the pump produced. Once I was satisfied with the amount of suction I proceeded to take the lubricant that comes with the package and apply a small amount onto my penis. Then I slid the sleeve over my penis and began pumping.


Immediately to my surprise, my penis began growing, becoming longer and thicker filling the tube. As I was pumping I watched as my girlfriend's eye grew wider with excitement and anticipation. Once I was at my maximum size I released the pressure and removed the pump. My girlfriend slid one of my cock rings over my penis. Then my girlfriend climbed on top of me and rode me hard. She enjoyed riding my longer and thicker shaft. We had a wonderful time. Clean up was really easy. Just use the cleaner that is included with the package. And dismantling the pump is a breeze.


Word of caution because of the seal on the end of the tube is a silicone seal, don't use silicone based lubricants. I rate this pump 8 inches of rock hard pleasure and 5 stars. https://www.tootimid.com/pump-worx-pistol-grip-power-pump-5749.html

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His Ultimate Sta-Hard Kit
When I received my new pump kit I was excited to try it out. I opened it up and put the pump together, which was quick and easy. Then I took out all the extra fun toys that come in the kit and spread them onto my bed.


This amazing kit comes with not only the pump to help me lengthen and enlarge my penis but also two cock rings to prolong the hardness of my cock, a bullet vibrator, a silicone anal probe, and beaded masturbator. I called my girlfriend into the bedroom to show her my surprise. She got all excited and wide eyed as she eagerly examined each of my new toys from the kit. She wanted to play with me.


Grabbing some water-based lubricant she began stroking my penis as she grabbed for the larger cock ring and slid it around my cock and balls. Then she reached for the new pump and slid it over my cock and started pumping. Her eyes grew larger as she watched my penis grow in length and girth. Once I was at maximum size she pressed the release valve and pulled the pump off and slid the smaller cock ring around my penis. Then taking the beaded stroker and giving me a devilish grin, she started stroking my cock.


It felt wonderful but the little vixen wasn't done with me yet. She added some vibration. Hello. Sliding the vibrating bullet into the stroker, she then continued to stroke me as she massaged my balls with her free hand. As I was laying back enjoying each stroke and sweet vibration, she (having stopped massaging my balls) added lubricant to the anal probe as well as gently added lubricant around my anus.


I was a bit hesitant and admittedly on guard because I have never had my prostate stimulated. She slowly and very gently began to push the anal probe inside me. I will have to confess that I instantly tensed up. It was just too different for me and decided not to continue with the probe. It didn't hurt. It just felt too weird for me.


My girlfriend was very understanding and continued stroking my cock with the masturbator and vibrator until I exploded. Most of the items in this kit are made of silicone so I would recommend using water-based lubricant only. Even though I am not one for the anal probe, I am for the most part pleased with this kit. I give the Ultimate Sta-Hard Kit a 4 star rating.  https://www.tootimid.com/His-Ultimate-Sta-Hard-Kit-8366.htmlsta-hard-1_thumbnail.jpg

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