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  1. Pic removal

    How do I remove a posted pic?
  2. Post ejaculation

    I bought the pump, but hated it. i am going to return. I would consider the hollow thing. which one 4 mebsize wise would u suggest, based on my size?
  3. Pump-Worx pistol grip power pump

    I tried it, but found the hole to stick it through is so small. It was difficult to get my flaccid head through. Is it possible totake off the end and still get a vacuum?
  4. I told her she could do the same with a male. It only accelerates my sex arousal and wanting of my wife when I do it. We sometimes watch short porn clips while we do it.
  5. I am relatively new. I told my wife about it while we were having sex. I then told her I chatted w another member and let her read. It was vwry racy, including talk of masturbation and what we would do to each other. I told the member my wife had a fantasy of a FMF, with the other woman sucking me, but no fucking. My wife thinks I went too far. She knows I would not cheat on her, and I thought it was just sexual arousal to basically a fantasy person. Thoughts?
  6. self picture

    Very beautiful. Are you brunette or blonde currently. Just curious. Either way, you look great.
  7. Husband and porn

    Echo the fellow men here. It has nothing to do w him not having desire 4 u.
  8. Wet tshirt

    You are hot
  9. Post ejaculation

    Square, why do you say reducing solo would be detrimental?
  10. Post ejaculation

    I am 46. I have a mostly healthy lifestyle, and a high sex drive. I am married and attracted to my wife. Our sex life has slowed down over the years, but we have added new things along the way. For ex., masturbation, mutual, dirty talk, porn viewing, anal, telling fantasy. My wife loves that I am sexual. My 2 probs: 1. I soetimes don't stay rock hard during sex. 2.After I come, I go limp right away. Anything I can do? Will reducing my soloing help? Am I just losing testosterone? I have always wanted to try a Viagra.
  11. Pic posting

    I can't fig iut how to post a pic, outside of doing on my profile.
  12. Pic posting

    Can pics be sent to specific members?
  13. Pic posting

    Not sure what you are asking.
  14. Where Do You Masturbate The Most?

    Shower, with the detachable head. I prop up one leg and use it underneath to spray my balls, and use my hand on my cock. I think about my wife spying on me and pleasing herself. Or think of her on her knees in bed watching porn(of a girl sucking cock) . Then I enter her from behind.
  15. Pic posting

    I would share if I was guaranteed pics could not be reposted or shared.