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Big Tease Turbo Wand


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Big Tease Turbo Wand

Many people think of magic, witches, warlocks, and fairy godmothers when they hear the word "wand". And, yes, this toy may be added to your wand/magic!

Big Tease Turbo Wand by Hott Products is here! Mine is Pink Passion, so obviously, it's a hot pink, and, oh my!! Does it stir up the passion!!! This toy is like a bullet on steroids! ....Or is it magic???

The wand itself is about 8" long, and you can insert the tapered swivel head of the wand, which is almost 2" long (and about 1 1/2" in diameter). The head has a slightly ringed rubbery-coating on it, and the "neck" is a flexible one, but not too flexible that it won't give you the direct stimulations that you want.

The cap on the bottom of the hard plastic shaft not only is the controller, where you turn the cap to turn it on, and turn up the vibes, it has a few rhinestone "diamonds" on it, for that added feminine bling touch, and I do love my bling! This wand gets its magic powers with just 2 AA batteries inserted very easily in the shaft. Unfortunately, this is an air wand, meaning, no where on the packaging does it say that this is waterproof or water resistant, so please keep your wand in the air (or under the sheets) only. Twisting the base on, I was impressed with the lowest setting being a pretty strong medium vibe. The vibe strength goes up pretty quickly, and the highest vibe is very strong, and impressive. This wand is not a quiet one. Too much power, in a little bitty package!!! Is there such a thing as too much power? I don't think so! Actually, this toy's vibes are medium to high, so it's not for those that like just a light vibe strength.

I loved how the head of the wand buzzed and worked its magic on my clit and labia. I chose to just rub my magic Pink Turbo wand all around this time. And, alakazam!! We had an orgasm-no rabbit required! Sorry, couldn't resist! Maybe I should've said no rabbit out of a magic hat?

It's really easy to clean, and it's easier to store due to the materials it's made of. Easy to use, basic, and no fancy buttons to figure out, I find that this wand is easy for muggles and experienced magic-users alike!

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