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Fetish Shock Therapy LImited Edition/Electro Sex Toy


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I've always been curious with electro-sex. Seeing the Fetish Shock Therapy Limited Edition Kit by Pipedream,  I thought "why not"?  I love strong vibes, and direct stimulations, so this e-stimulator may be perfect.

Let me say that I do have a chiropractic quality electroshock set for my back, which is very powerful, so  I wanted to see how this Fetish one measured up.

The kit comes in a box, which you can repack it in. It comes with 4 self-stick pads, a cord that plugs in to the unit and snap on to the pads, the controller, and a battery. The battery looks like a very large watch battery, so that in itself made me question the power. If you have ever experienced a professional grade electroshock item, I am going to tell you that the Shock Therapy Limited Edition Kit is not even a quarter as powerful as those, and is not intended to be.

Read the instructions carefully! It states on them that you have to have all 4 pads on you to be able to feel the shocks, and that's very true. The instructions also tell you that this should be used externally, and not on the genital areas. Well, ok. Kind of defeats the purpose of electrosex, like it says it's for on the box, but, I'm going to recommend you follow the instructions.

The pads come on a clear plastic film, which you need to keep and reuse. They can also be washed and put back on the plastic films, and maintain their stickiness, for a while at least.

I inserted the disc-like battery easily, and then played with it a bit. There are 2 switches and 1 dial. The switch at the top right says IN/OUT. On the IN position, the hand unit becomes the shocker itself. Meaning, the center of the hand unit is conducting the charge. Which they said is good for either using as a massager itself, to rub it on the spots, or just hold it for hand massaging. When it's on OUT, the electricity goes to the cord for the pads. The switch on the top left says SLOW/FAST which controls the speed frequency of the electric impulse. The dial on the bottom turns it on, and controls the strength of the impulse.

I tried the hand unit first, and wow!! That came thru pretty strong on the egg-shaped center piece that sticks out a bit. So, for direct stimulation, I felt that really well in some parts of my body (not anywhere overly sensitive). OK, so, if that works well......how about the pads?

I decided to try these on my legs. All 4 pads strategically placed on my upper leg muscles. That skin is pretty sensitive. 2 of the pads seemed to work decently, and on high, I definitely felt the pricks of electricity. That's what it kind of felt like, electric picking.  A little intense, and stimulating, but, again only from 2 pads. Huh....well, let's see.......tried them on my upper inner thighs. Again, sensitive areas. Nope, 2 pads still not working.

So, I decided to try them with 2 pads on my upper legs, and one on each breast. I moved the ones on my legs to my breasts, and the other ones that didn't seem to work on my legs. Again, I played with the settings, and felt the impulses on my breasts with the 2 pads that were working, and the other 2 weren't. Well, hmmmm.

Let me add that this happened with me the first time I got the set. I contacted Mrs.BettyCrocker, and she sent me a replacement very quickly. Both units, only 2 of the pads worked. The other 2 didn't. I made sure to adjust, readjust, and readjust again, all while trying different settings. Both sets, only 2 pads working at one time. Very frustrating.

So, unfortunately, I can't recommend this item for any serious person wanting to try electro-stimulations. Sorry, just can't do it. I gave it 2 stars on the shopping page for the power it does have in the hand unit. That did impress me.

If your back or any other part of your body is hurting, please go see your doctor before trying any sort of electro-therapy to make sure that it does good instead of harm.


Shocking Not Shocking

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