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To All Of Our Members On Here


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To all of our members here on the forums. We're SOOOO glad that you're here! Please keep in mind that you don't have to be a member of the Review Team to add your experiences with toys purchased here on TooTimid. We love to have as many people share on here as we can. And, who knows? If you are contributing enough, you may get an invite e-mail when the next round of reviewers is being sought after!

So please, share your experiences. They can be positive, or, not so stellar. We love hearing both.

Also, please comment on our Reviewer's reviews here on the forums. Though it's great to see if "did you find this review useful" on the site, we love input on here as well. And you can ask questions on the reviews on here as well.

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Guest Mrs.BettyCrocker

Excellent advice! (as always)

Many reviewers have come right from the Forum! Plus, hearing about what sorts of product work and don't work for our customers is an EXTREMELY important part of our work on making the site a better experience for everyone! We would love to only carry 5 star products, and finding out why a toy works or doesn't work makes all the difference! 

- Ali from TooTimid

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