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Affairs: Over It?

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If one of the spouses has an affair, is it possible to get over it, move past it, and have a happy marriage?

Do you think that you could forgive and move on? Or do you think that knowledge would just eat away at you, your trust, feelings for your spouse, and become a toxic issue in the marriage?

I'd be interested to hear from everyone. Those have experienced affairs in their marriages (or long term relationships), and those that haven't.

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Hard to know without actually going through it.  Early in my marriage, an affair on the wife's part would have been a show ender.  Now, there's been a lot of water under the bridge (together over 20 years and married close to 20), so I think be more willing to try and move past it.

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My first husband had an, at the very least, an online fling. I'm not really sure to this day, if she had a full fledged affair.

We had had a rocky past, with him cheating, leading me on, and playing games. Our 3rd time together, I had told him that I was not going to play anymore games, and if I even sniffed a fling, affair, or even a major flirt going on. I was D.O.N.E. When I found the chat histories, pics he was sending and recieving, and no accountability for where his money was going, yep. I was GONE!

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No others?

I'm sorry GirlCrush, even if you think it's over in your mind, it can still hurt, even years later.

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