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ON Balm-Natural Arouser for Her


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Sometimes, it's fun to use some sort of clit stimulating cream, gel, oil, or, in this case, balm, to help stimulate your clit just that much more for an added ZING!

This ON Balm Natural Arousal For Her by Sensuva is all natural and menthol-free. I love all natural products! And, with people's growing sensitivities and allergies on the rise, it's always nice to find something that helps alleviate that worry.

The item comes in a really simple, elegant  black box and the tube of the product is .075 fl. oz. About the size of a narrow lipstick, in fact. So, it's also travel-friendly due to size. The tube itself is an elegant shiny black plastic, and could be mistaken for a lipstick.

The first ingredient is beeswax, then it's a proprietary blend of essential oils. After removing the safety seal, I opened it up, and loved how the natural-looking product was tapered at the end for the tube and the balm. There's no pigment to this, so it's a natural, cream-like color. There was a really spicy nutty smell to it, thanks to cinnamon and almond oils in it as well. There's also some vitamin E in the balm, so it's good for the skin. I twisted the tube to make the balm go up more, again, just like a lipstick. I put some on my finger, liking the feel of the balm. It's not greasy or sticky, and still smells really nice on the body. It didn't do anything on my finger, so we really needed to try it ON somewhere else. The tube snaps gently closed, to help keep it fresh.

The directions on the box state to put a small amount on the clit, and allow up to 2 minutes to feel the full effect, and reapply as desired. It also states it's "shockingly powerful, buzzes with pleasure, and best used alone, or with others".

Well, on this night, I used it with another. I put some on my girlfriend first. So, I put some directly on her clit, about 5 swipes of it. Then I put some on my clit. Be very careful not to push it on too hard. It spreads rather easily, and, well, it's sensitive down there!!!  Now, if you're expecting an immediate zing, buzz, or sensation, I'm here to tell you that it will not do that. Nor will it feel like the common "cool/cold" feeling that most clit stimulation lotions provide. Remember, there's NO menthol in this balm, so that sensation will not happen for you. I was a bit disappointed, but, about 1 minute after applying, and closing our legs a bit, well, OK! There it is!!! It's actually a warm feeling that starts to develop in the areas that you apply the ON Balm. There's a heat there that feels nice, and warm.

My girlfriend didn't really like this particular item, and I was definitely surprised and a bit let down at it as well. It didn't really last very long, the warm feeling was nice, but almost in a comforting way, not a stimulating way.  I didn't find this "shockingly powerful", nor did it make me "buzz with pleasure" like I was expecting. It was a pleasant feeling, which we tried repeating a few nights later. But, with the same disappointing results. No "buzz" or very powerful. Though we did really like it on our nipples though. Unfortunately, it wasn't as ON as we'd hoped.

Cleaning up was very easy, no sticky residue, and no side effects for us with this balm. I just used a tissue to wipe off the first layer  of balm after we had applied it to ourselves, for sanitary reasons.

Overall, I give this item a rating of 2 out of 4 Tyger Paws.


Is ON for you?

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