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How to Spice it Up?


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Hey...have a great sex life with my husband...but it is always good to spice it up either as a couple or in a private moment when he or I are traveling.  Ideas? Or you favorite toys?

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9 hours ago, luv2eatthepeach2 said:

So, if he travels, or you travel, what do you two do when apart? Phone sex, or play while talking on phone?

Well.....traveling can definitely be challenging as I am sure it is for any couple who has to travel for work.  Sure the phone thing...but if you can get the time zone right and in the right mood he kind of digs watching the fucking with toys via Face Time thing......suppose it is the next best thing.

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Guest Mrs.BettyCrocker

Hi Scarlett! 

We have a couple of fun couple's toys that were designed to be used via long distance! They are all slightly pricier than-your-average-bear, but utilize Bluetooth and  iPhone/Android compatible apps to control the vibrations! 

The blueMotion Nex|1 Panty Vibe from Ohmibod uses an app to connect you to your lover! It comes with a panty that the vibe sits inside (though you can use it with your own panties!) and has powerful vibrations that are incredibly discreet! You can slide it in your panties and go about your day, while your lover teases you on and off! It has four vibration patterns to choose from, all of which feel great! 

The Vibratissimo Sette Vibe is another panty vibe that is controlled via an app, but this one allows you to customize the vibration patterns. It stays in place with a magnet, and has a curved shape that cups your intimate areas! 

Finally, the Make-A-Porno Kit With Bonnie Rotten might spark some fun ideas to keep the romance going while you're apart! You can use the kit to craft your own porno, that you can then send along with your hubby so he can re-watch it while he's away!

Hope that was helpful! Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions about a specific product!  Thanks for posting and for choosing TooTimid!

- Ali from TooTimid

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Oh my Mrs. Betty Crocker....what fabulous ideas!  Just the thought of being "surprised" any time of the day by the vibrations of the panties gets me worked up just sitting here drinking my coffee this morning.  Damn!  Nothing like being slick-wet, almost dripping with pencil eraser nipples when you are trying to get ready for work.

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