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Ugh!! Long month!


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So, I'm a secretary at the front desk of an elementary school. This week was our first week of school back. The 2 weeks prior, we were getting ready for the kids, trainings, meetings, and such. On top of that, my mother didn't check with me to see if this week would be a good week to come for a visit, and of course, I always tell her to check with me first, but she never does. I always tell her the first week of school is NOT the time to come. She always feels neglected when she comes during that time. Yeah, she's here.

Not to mention trying to get my daughter ready for school,  and she starting her first day of school.

Mentally, I'm exhausted!!!

My daughter is at her father's this weekend. My  mother went back to her place (she has a small travel trailer on her own lot about 5 miles away). My GF is at her sister's, baby sitting. I have the house to myself (if you don't count my critters).

I've made a few phone calls, played a few games of Bubble Witch, watched TV while eating pizza, and now I'm just vegging out. I need this.

I've missed posting and reading, and I will be trying to catch up.

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I agree Tyger , and for me its not over until this weekend , the last of the summer blasts.

then the kids will be back to school and I might be able to stay home for the winter lololol, I mean not have to travel so much

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