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The Prowler

Growl! This power-packed vibrator brings the "old school" vibrator into the 21st century.

What we had years ago, was just a smooth plain vibrator, or a ribbed one, all hard plastic, taking big batteries, loud, obnoxious, and limited. Now we have so many options! But I'm glad that California Exotics' Colt Gear line has added a bit of elegant modernization, while still keeping the classic basic in mind.

Smooth, hard, black, seamless plastic, this toy has quite a bit of power. Taking 3 AA batteries, which go in the textured top of the handle. Like it's fore-vibrators, the base twists to turn it on, and adjusts the vibe strength.

I love that it has a contoured handle! So, you don't have to worry about hanging on to the short base, this handle adds about 5" to the total length of this toy, which is about 11" total. Diameter of this toy is almost 1.5". I loved the added little strip of silver separating the insertable length to the handle. It broke up the black and it looked so nice. Oh, and yes, it IS waterproof!!!

After putting in my batteries, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of vibe strength from my Prowler! It is a bit loud, but not overly so. The whole shaft vibrates very well, and even with the tapered end offering a bit more direct stimulation on the clit, the power of the Prowler is very strong inside and out.

I was able to make myself purr with this Prowler.....profusely! The vibes felt so good inside! Very strong, steady, and intense. The length and diameter of the vibe felt so good, and I felt nice and full.

I wouldn't recommend this to a beginner just for the size of this toy. Though it is not overly phallic looking, so it's not as intimidating as some vibrators, the vibe strength even satisfied this picky Tyger!!! I'll be on the Prowler again very soon!!!


Pounce on THIS Prowler!

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