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.....and then the bed broke.....


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Just a thread, for all to throw TMI on funny things that happened during sex....

So, a starter....

I was laying back in bed with my wife sitting up between my legs, pounding away on me with both hands. I finally let loose, and started letting it all loose. Problem was, she has bad aim....or maybe good. ;)

My first three or four shots went straight into the fan that was running on the headboard, which sprayed it all right back onto her.....from the face down... :lol: 

And she blamed me! :lol:

I'm sure others have stories like that! 

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Gawd, I think we all do!!!

I've had the bed break. And it was a metal framed one. Both me and my BF weren't overweight either.......

My dog decided to sniff my BF's nuts while in mid stride (the look on his face was PRICELESS!!!).

I don't think my lover would have agreed, but I found it hilarious that this big guy (over 6"), rugged, police officer, was a total wuss in bed. He didn't like biting or even nibbling (me to him), I could barely touch him. I was like, uh, ok.....

And, one other guy, OMG!!! When he came, he screamed........like a girl!!!! High pitch and everything!!! Took all my self-restraint (which I have very little to begin with LOL) not to say WTF!!???

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