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To sum it up: Life Happens!!!!

So, Friday marked the first 6 weeks of school. I'm still fighting to get parents to turn in paperwork, believe it or not. Plus, dealing with our Admin to get more kids enrolled ASAP (more funding that way). Then, also helping get 2 new software programs learned, and then up and running for the teachers. Yes, it's really been fun.....not.

On top of that, I had to go to the superindendent due to the condition of the house I'm renting from the school. The bathroom is in the middle of the house, and it is now sinking. Long story short, the middle of the house is sinking due to lack of ventilation under the house, which is rotting it from the ground up. At first, they said they'd fix the house, because they like me here. Which is nice. Their budget is $10K for it. Unfortunately, due to the damage, and now a bowing out exterior wall which will cause more damage and money. They had a contractor come out and look at it. He said it's not safe for anyone to live in, and that we need to move. So, I've been packing for 2 weeks.

My life consists of ensuring my daughter is being taken care of, spending some time with her, packing, cleaning, purging, a yard sale to get rid of stuff, and more cleaning and packing. I also have to squeeze in time for my Squeeze of a GF too. So far, I've been doing good I think.

We're moving in with my GF. She has a large home, and has offered us a place to stay. It's 45 min away from where I work, however, the savings with rent will  be a huge help. Plus, I'll be able to have some sort of a private life again. Living across the street from the school I work at is convenient, to say the least, however, EVERYONE knows where I live, and I really can't do much without someone from the school seeing me.  So, this will allow me to be me a bit more.

I'm trying to get all of this done really quickly, yet organized, because the more I move stuff, the more damage I'm seeing to the walls and ceiling, so I'm working on getting this stuff done ASAP.

I miss seeing your posts so much!!! And I'm sneaking on here to get my "fix". ;)

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