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OMG! This little pocket vibe is one of the best ones I have ever used! The vibrations on this little guy are incredible!! There are 10 different speeds which, I always like a vibe that offers a ton of options, this one however, offers options plus power! The speeds range from mild to very very strong-absolutely loved it! There are also a few pulse/vibe patterns included as well that are pretty good too. I used this little vibe for a little play in the shower (it is waterproof), for a quickie before work, and also used it with my husband for a little foreplay. It is extremely versatile and very handy, small enough to fit in your purse and excellent for traveling. I love the look of this vibe too, very sleek looks like a little lipstick, id compare it to the size of a palm so definitely discreet. I highly highly recommend this for more medium to expert toy users as the vibrations are pretty strong (great for toy users who know exactly what they like as far as vibe strength). Cleaning is super easy works well with soap and water, and cleaners, and it only requires 1 AAA it doesn’t get any better than that! Another feature that I liked especially for something so small and perfect for discreet situations is that it has one button that controls all vibrations, speeds, pulse patterns and is the ON/OFF switch. This little feature makes it ideal for those of us who like to play at our desks. It can be a little loud, but I did not find it loud enough to be distracting. This would make a great gift for someone who travels a lot or couples who want to add a little fun into their foreplay. This cutie definitely gets 5 stars all the way! :D


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Thanks for the nice review.

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