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She came

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I got home and found the note on the kitchen counter: "Come downstairs and strip." Needless to say my eyes went wide. I nearly ran down the steps. At the bottom step I saw her waiting for my compliance. She was dress in a leather corset, in one hand she held a collar, the other a blindfold. I stepped out of my clothes and got on my knees. She collared and blindfolded me immediately. I belonged to her now. She attached a leash and had me crawl across the room. At the far end was our big leather chair. She took a seat, spread her legs wide and had me kneeling between them. I wasn't allowed to touch. The next thing I heard was the soft buzz of a vibrator and the wet sound of the device sliding between her aroused slit. I could smell her sweetness. It was obvious she had been masturbating as she was waiting for me to get home. Now she was pleasuring herself inches from my face and I could only listen and breath in her essence. As suddenly as I breathed in her sweet sent I felt her hand at the back of my head pushing with force my mouth to her. She was so wet, so sweet, so wonderful. I licked and sucked and tasted her nectar. The more I gave, the more I got. Her moans encouraged me. Her steady pull at the leash excited me. Her commands for me to make her cum with my tongue had me doing all I could to satisfy her. When her orgasm flooded her sense I had my satisfaction. I was hers. What she wished for I was happy to give. I knew this was only the beginning to what would be a wonderful night...

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