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She entered the house and immediate fell to her knees. Her head bowed. Master I am yours, she purred as I placed a collar around her neck. Taking her hand I had her rise. Attaching the metal chain leash to her collar I let it fall between her ample breasts. She had pleased me by being obedient. I lead her to the dinner table and fed her a light meal. She was going to need her strength.watching her take food from my fingers, slowly sucking on them as she did had me in a trance. She had such power over me. She knew this, yet also knowing how to be a good pet. After we finished our dinner play I commanded her to stand and remove her dress. She reached back and pulled the zipper down, shrugging the dress from her shoulders it fell to the floor. I smiled. She had obeyed my directive this morning. She had pulled herself into a black corset, tiny black thong and thigh high stockings which were attached to the garter straps that hung from the corset. She was stunning standing there in her lingerie with the leash hanging down. As she stepped out of the dress on the floor the end of the leash tapped her lace covered mound. It was just enough to have her inhale and sigh with pleasure. I stepped up to her and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh. She parted her legs in anticipation. Instead of brushing my hand over her sweet mound I grabbed the leash and pulled down. She bowed, whispered master do as you wish. I ran my hand through her hair and had her straighten up. Turning from her I pulled her by the leash. She moaned with pleasure. Down the hall we went, stopping at the last door on the left. Fishing the key from my pocket I unlocked the door and pushed it open. I brought her to me and kissed her neck, her lips and then her forehead. Stepping behind her I ran my hands over her shoulders and down to her breasts. She stood still. I slid my hands down to her waist and then around to her firm ass. She trembled. Go in, I said. She stepped into the room and immediately moved to the bench. I picked up the cuffs on the way. Once she was I front of the bench she held her arms out. I cuffed each wrist and bent her over. I clipped the cuffs to the wide set D rings at the base. I don't want to hear a sound, I said as I went to get the spreader bar. She looked at me and shook her head. No! Master I can not.... She trailed off knowing what would com next. She can be so disobedient sometimes. Are you talking back? I asked. She again said, No! Master I will not be quiet. You can not tell me that. She knew this would bring a responce. I secured the spreader bar to her feet and ran my fingernails up the back of her legs. Rubbing her pert ass she relaxed. At that point I grabbed the crop. Two quick taps on her ass had her jumping. Two more taps and she moaned in a pain/pleasure sound. Two more taps and she let it a strong, FUCK YOU! I laughed. I kissed each spot that the crop had landed on her ass before beginning my light to medium taps with the crop across her exposed skin. Reaching out to sooth her hot skin I slid my hand between her legs. She was wet, soaked. I took the crop and began to tap her fold lightly with the leather flap. She moaned and squirmed. I reached for her thing and ripped it off her body. She looked back at me and whispered, Please, Master please. She wanted to cum. I walked away to get my next two devices and a bottle of lube. Returning to her I poured the lube between her cheeks until it dripped to the floor. Taking the cold glass plug I began to press it into her ass. She pulled away the best she could before accepting the cold glass inside of her. The sensation of cold made her purr. Now one hole was filled. She wanted the other filled as well. Instead I placed a vibe on her clit. I turned it on high . She shook and gasped. Soon she was cumming in waves. As she was coming down from her last climax I stepped up behind her and filled her pretty little pussy with my hot shaft. She looked back. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. I thrust hard. The plug moved with the rhythm of our thrusts. Not letting her relax, I held her hair and pulled back toward me. Slowly our climax overcame us. My cock pulsed and jumped in her tight pussy. I want to stay there forever. She screamed that she was cumming again and I exploded. Filling her with my cum, I let loose of her hair. With drawing from her I watched my seed drip or the floor from her. I released her from her bounds and had her on her hands and knees. Pointing I said, Don't let that go to waste. She bent down and lick our juices from the floor filling her mouth with our essence. Getting to her feet she kissed me deeply sharing with me what she had lapped up. I lead her to bed, removed her corset and stocking and curled up with her. We kissed and stroked and talked until sleep came. She was mine and I belonged to her.

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