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It's a fantasy. Fantasies can be great, and they can also be distracting.

Before I left my last husband, I fantasized about a guy I worked with previously. Big, tall, funny, handsome, and, as luck would have it, divorced. I thought if we could hook up finally, I'd be happy.

He is NOT the reason I left my husband. Not in the least bit. I was looking for an emotional cushion. 

We actually DID end up hooking up for a few months, here and there. We both knew it wasn't serious. Lemme tell ya, it should've remained in my head. The guy had a small package, didn't know how to use it, and was very, um, quick. He was very selfish in the bedroom. And, come to find out, still living with his ex wife, who texted me that I was sleeping with a married man and wanted to meet!! Uh, no, thank you. No drama for this mama!!! 

He actually tried contacting me, after about 3 yrs of not hearing anything from him, about 5 months ago. I told him to basically bugger off.

Sometimes, the fantasy is much better than the reality!! LOL 

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I love your posts. Fantasies are awesome and you can find yourself wondering what would happen if they did come true. They are strong. I'm learning as beautiful as our fantasies are we still need to continue to keep things into perspective. We just got to continue to make our real life the best we can make it, but there's nothing wrong with fantasies. They're all a part of who we are. 

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