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Vibrating Nipple Clamps


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ae418-mann_750x662-min.jpg&maxx=50&maxy=Vibe Me Vibrating Silicone Nipple Clampsae418-pkg_517x750-min.jpg&maxx=50&maxy=0


Nipple clamps are a wonderful, fun way to add some adventure and stimulation in the bedroom! And, they can be used on men AND women! 

These are Frisky Vibe Me Nipple Silicone Vibrators. They come in a very cute and whimsical box, and inside, each covered with a soft, black, silicone sling: 2 cute silver bullets , with batteries already inside! All you need to do is take out the little piece of plastic that prevents batteries (included) from contact, push the singular button on each bullet at the bottom for power or to shut it off, and then, you have some fun!!!

The silicone sleeves cup the bullets really well, and at the top, the 2 slats for your nipples. I suggest you try to put these on after your nipples are perky and dry.

Be warned, these bullets only have one speed, and that's a medium high. If you don't like intense vibes on your nipples, these may not be the toy for you. However, you can still get them and have 2 bullets to play with elsewhere, because the silicone sleeves do come off!! The bullets are waterproof, so you can use these in the shower too, for added fun.

With personal experience with these toys, they were too high a vibe strength for my nipples. I do not like high vibes there. On my clit though....yeah baby! Me likey!!! I do prefer a stronger vibe *down there*.

The silicone sleeves muffle the vibe noise well, but they're not very loud anyways.

Remember, with anything silicone, do not use any sort of silicone lubes with it. Silicone is very easy to clean and is antibacterial as well, so it's a great for cleanliness-oriented people, even when it comes to nipple play!!

These nipple vibes are very easy to use, easy to clean and very versatile. Good for anyone's sex toy box for sure!



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