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Coochy Oh So Fresh Intimate Protection Lotion


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Coochy Oh So Fresh Intimate Lotion


I have been a long-time fan of Coochy Cream shaving cream for a long time, so I was excited to receive another of their products to try!

For external use only, this 4 fl oz. bottle with push down nozzle is just the thing to put in any intimate area that needs a bit of wetness protection. At first, that statement confused me, because, well, it's a LOTION!!! When we hear/see the word "LOTION", we think of moisturizing, right? Well, not with this stuff!! I live in East Texas. And though it's only early March, things can still get kinda hot. So, the first place I thought of was between my "Girls".

There's not much worse for a woman than "boob sweat".  So, I applied some in between the bosom. Rubbing it in between and underneath my breasts, it went on really well. Then I noticed something. When I was done, my hands felt, um, odd. Not moisturized. I looked at them, and.....WHAT??? They looked like they were dusted with powder!! The lotion dries into a protective powder!!!! INGENIOUS!!! A little goes a long way, so even though it's a bit over $20, this stuff will last a decent amount of time.

This can go in areas like your bosom, vaginal area (outside only), scars, in between thighs, anywhere you may think you need to stay a bit drier. 

This product smells like Peony (it is called Peony Prowess, so that makes sense). Though I'm not a huge fan of peony, it wasn't too bad for even my sensitive sense of smell. I do hope they make a different scent though, something less flowery, maybe like vanilla or something. 

I will warn you dear reader, that, like deodorant, you need to be careful not to get any on your clothes because it will dust them as well. I found that out, but also found out, for what I was wearing that day, using a slightly damp washcloth, it wiped off rather easily.

Sometimes, NOT being wet is a GOOD thing, and this stuff will help keep those areas a bit less, uh, damp!

I will give this product all 4 out of 4 Tyger Paws WAAAAY up there!!! I love this stuff!!! 

Stay nice and dry with this lotion!

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I've been using this stuff during the East TX heat for the last couple of weeks!!! Thank GAWD I have this stuff!!! No heat rash anywhere!!

I also have a csection scar, and, as us csection patients know, this scar can cause a bit of a bump or overlap of the tummy that, no matter how many situps we do, it's still there!!! I put this there too, so it won't get funky.

I LOVE this stuff!!!! 

I do still recommend you put it on while naked, especially if you're going to wear black clothes, and wash your hands well before getting any of your clothes. It does leave a powdery residue that's hard to get off of clothes (or at least inconvenient to do so). 

In fact, I just put some on before going to bed. :) I smellsssss gooooooooodddd!!!

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We need to see the results ❤️❤️❤️

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