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Awaken Libodo Enhancing Herbal Infusion


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Awaken Clitoral Massaging Gel


Awaken is advertised as a libido enhancing herbal infusion clitoral massaging gel. And, we all know that it's aaaalllllllllll about the clit! I do love trying out new ways to add some sensitivity to my clit, and.....well, I think I will have to keep trying!

This stuff comes in a small .3 fl oz tube that reminds me a lot of lip gloss, including the slanted tip underneath the pull off cap. The packaging is nice and tasteful, and the tube is pretty purple and black. The gel is clear, and has a very slight scent to it that you can barely detect. It doesn't leave much of a film on your skin, and is not tacky. Vegan friendly, paraben and arginine  free, it's safe to use with latex condoms and toys.

That is about all of the nice things I can really say about this gel. Both of us tried this stuff out. I put some on her. We waited because sometimes clit gels take time to soak in a bit, and work. I pulled out all of the tricks too! Blowing gently on it, massaging, applying a bit more, waiting......she felt nothing. Then I tried some because some people react differently to the same thing. I let my parts hang all out in the open to get air to the gel, applied a bit more, she blew on it, massaged it in, waited,.....nope.....nothing. 

I must say that we were very disappointed in this stuff and unfortunately, I cannot recommend this.  It didn't Awaken anything of ours.


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