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Satisfyer Pro Penguin Rechargeable Clit Stimulator


Oh. My. Gawd! Ladies!!! If you get one toy  this year, THIS MUST BE THE ONE!!

Let me tell you, my Satisfyer Pro 2 has been a fave of mine ever since I got it. So, when I saw this little lovely, I just KNEW I had to try it! 

Starting off with the basics, this little critter is so cute! It's packaged well, and very simply. In the box, there are 3 things: The Penguin, the charging cord, and the little manual, written in 6 different languages it looks like.

The Penguin is so cute! It's less than 5" long, and almost 2" in diameter! But don't let the small size fool you! Dressed to impress in the little black and white "tux", to add a little class, this penguin has a purple little bow to add dapper to its look. the soft parts of the toy are silicone, and the harder parts are ABS (hard) plastic. And since this little toy is so cute, small, and whimsical, it wouldn't be as intimidating to use for any beginners looking to get the powerful orgasms they may be missing out on!

The little Penguin can go in and out of the shower & tub, being that he's waterproof. 

Charging is a breeze with the USB cord that will fit into any USB plug (like for your cell phone), or computer. There are 2 metal buttons on the base (or Penguin's bottom), to which you place the flatter part of the charger. They're magnetized, so if you try to put it on wrong, it won't happen. As he's charging, the button on his tummy will blink with a white light. When fully charged, the light stays on steadily. 

To turn on this lovely little bird, all you do is press the bottom part of the button on his tummy for a few seconds. Then, I had to press in the middle to get the functions to cycle thru the 11 settings he has, but I found the setting I liked more, which is the strongest, steady one. Now, my other Satisfyer is kind of loud, so I was thinking that, since this is the same company, and very similar design, this would be too. But, boy was I glad to see and hear that I was wrong! This little Penguin adds even more class by being oh, so discreetly quiet! To shut him off, simply hold the bottom button down again for a few seconds.

How does this penguin satisfy? Well, let me tell you, the open "mouth" that he has isn't just for looks!! That's what you put over your clit. It also feels really good on your nipples too. The open mouth creates a gentle, quiet sucking; not enough to give hickies or make marks, but a gentle sucking that teases your clit and nippes to a very, very sensitive state! They call it Pressure Wave Technology, and, let me tell you, I don't care what they call it, but it's VERY successful!!! It only took a couple of minutes of this little Penguin sealed around my clit to have my toes curling, breath coming in pants, and me over the edge of pleasure! The orgasms have been VERY intensely pleasurable!

I would suggest that you be ready for some sensations you may never have experienced before when you try this Penguin out. You don't have to manually stimulate yourself first because this little toy does all of the work for you! The orgasms will most likely be very strong, so go with them, and have fun, because you won't be sorry when you get this toy!

Cleaning is a breeze with warm water and antibacterial soap too. I love silicone and ABS plastic because it IS so easy to clean, and has little to no odors. Rinse him off well, pat and air dry, and return to his nest-y box for best storage.

All in all, this Penguin adds fun, style, and satisfaction to your toy box for sure!

Yes, you CAN get satisfaction!

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So, I've had this toy for a while now. And, let me tell you, this little cutie is my "go to" critter for clit stimulation and powerful clit orgasms!!! We use this often on me. 

My GF still doesn't like it, says it's too strong for her.

I will recommend that, before you use it, you go to the bathroom first. It provides so much stimulation, it can also stimulate a reaction you don't want!! LOL

But, I love this penguin still!!! It holds a charge well, and charges relatively quickly.

This thing is AWESOME!!!

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