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My mom's encouraging me to date online


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I really don’t understand my mom. She wants me to take part with online dating. Maybe because I’m old already. She said foreign dating events are successful and I should be involved with it since she doesn’t want me to die single. The thing is, I’m not sure of it. She even created a profile for me to a dating site. What should I do? I don’t want to offend her by saying no, all she wants is my happiness. Please help!

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If you don't want to do it....then don't.

Us moms always want our kids to be happy. However, this IS your life you're talking about. You need to go about dating how YOU feel comfortable with.

I don't know where she's getting her information from. I've heard some horror stories from those that have actually gone with the foreign dating site thing (like my cousin) and it is not going to be advertised on those sites that there is a HUGE amount of users, gold-diggers, and those that want "green cards".

She should NOT have created a profile for you!! That is an invasion of privacy, and you should take it down and let her know that, where you appreciate her concern and thoughtfulness, you do not want to go about things in that way. That she needs to let you do this on your own, and that if you want her advice, you will ask for it. Mom doesn't always know best (don't ever tell my daughter that!!! LOL).

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Honestly, I don’t really think your mom has any business in your love life. I get that she might be interested in your happiness, according to her take on that. But you can be happy single. As for on line dating, it takes a lot of patience to find genuine people. I met and kissed a lot of weird men before I found a wonderful man and we’ve been married for 13 awesome years now. I’m guessing women are the same as men online; they lie. They want to be more attractive than they really are, weigh less, be younger, be single when they are really not. The men I talked to would never give me a real phone number, because they really weren’t single. I couldn’t find them on the internet anywhere; who doesn’t have some sort of internet presence these days? I’d say, separate from your mom and make your own way. I wouldn’t want to be involved with a man whose mom was overly involved in his life and called the shots! Good luck! Be vulnerable and be smart!

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