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Hi!  I've been celibate for too long.  I've been divorced for 10 years.  Plus the last 5 years of my marriage were loveless.  So  I've been out of dating scene and sex scene for too long.  It didn't bother me at all. I didn't miss sex at all.  I recently had to medical marijuana for a surgical issue and a side effect has been a high level of arousal,  like I've never known before.  So here I am... looking for info... i can't believe this is me.... 

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Now that weed is legal in CO my partner and I use it during sex play once in a while and it definitely enhances the entire experience. Every touch, kiss, lick, etc feels amplified in intensity. We like edibles (taking HALF a normal dose) 30 minutes before bedtime. It takes about 40 minutes to start feeling effects and one hour after eating, effects are maxing out. We like to be between the sheets and engaging in foreplay before buzz starts and slowly ramp up our sex play as we feel the effects start kicking in.

WARNINGS:  1. do not mix alcohol with weed!  2. If you have a partner, take it easy on each other first time. Not everyone feels the same kind of buzz. You may want to have rough sex but your partner may just want to cuddle. In general, weed makes you want to slow down, take your time and appreciate every sensation. 


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