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Hello All,

          I'm new to blogs like this and just purchased my first set of toys. I can't wait to try them out and to learn more and get advise. I've been hesitant to join a blog but feel this is the only place I can really talk about things, though even as I type this my heart sinks and I think.... what am I doing! LOL

    My main hesitation is because I'm 25 yrs old and have never had a serious long term relationship. I've dated here and there but I've never let the relationship progress past a month, yes I'm a virgin. I know that the site being what it is I shouldn't feel I'll be judged but I still feel I will. I sometimes find myself feeling ashamed for this fact, like there is something wrong with me. 

   I am a mystery to myself because with friends and family I'm outgoing and willing to try new things and have fun. But when it comes to relationships I'm scared, shy, and reserved. I've never really been hit on, or if I have I'm really bad a reading subtle cues from guys. I'm so afraid of being emotionally hurt that sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously I push people away. In this I think I also try to test people, like if I push and they come back that means they want me in their life.

Any advise on how to bring myself out of my shell when it comes to relationships?


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