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Eden Climaxer Silicone Clit Vibe

I admit, I asked to try this clit stimulating toy. I mean, it's beautiful, interestingly innovative, different, and blue! Some of my favorite things. And, it's made by Calexotics, which I've tried several of their toys, and liked many of them. So, this should be a winner! Um.....

I'll go for the pros first.....

The box is a beautiful black, with hibiscus flowers on it, and in the insert. Very pretty and classy. The center showcases the toy in a clear insert. Love that. Opening the box was easy, and the insert slid right out. The silicone of the toy is high quality. It's firm, yet supple, soft and smooth. I also loved the baby blue color a lot. It's curved for a bit easier maneuvering, and shaped basically like a cartoon vulva. The 3 little "tongues" stick out just a little, and are rather firm......

It takes 2 AAA batteries (not included).

This is the point that became a challenge......

I'm a pro at opening toys to put their batteries in.....I really am. However, this one's base/battery compartment gave me a bit of an issue. You have to twist it, and then pull it off rather firmly. It even makes a POP sound when it first comes off. I thought I was going to break it, exerting as much force as I had to! But, I didn't, thankfully. Inside, where you put the batteries, indicates which end should be up, so that's helpful. Then, with a degree in engineering, you may be able to get the cap back on on the first try. I will say that putting the cap back off a few times does seem to loosen it a bit. However, getting it twisted back on doesn't get much easier. 

Well, ok! Time for a little fun, right? Uh.....3 seconds is all it's suppose to take to turn this thing on....that's what the box says.....investigating to make sure the batteries are put in right (yes, they are). I finagle the cap back on, and shrug. Ok, well, maybe my 3 seconds is different from theirs. I push the button on the bottom of the base again for about 5-6 seconds....AND WE HAVE POWAH!!!!

It has 10 vibe strengths/settings, which you cycle thru using the button on the bottom. Pretty easy. 3 steady vibe strengths of low, medium, and a medium high. All of which are really quiet! Then 7 patterns of vibes. It only takes one push to cycle thru all of them. Ok, pretty interesting.

We snuggle in, me trying the lovely blue Climaxer first.....we've warmed up a bit, and I try putting it on my clit.....here, no, here, uh, how about here? Though I can feel the vibes, which are nice, and my clit is eager and ready, those little "tongues" just don't quite offer the stimulation my clit prefers, no matter how much I position it. So, my GF tries it. She doesn't like the stronger, direct stimulation like I do, so I thought maybe this would be nice for her since it's stimulating in a round-about way. A few positions later, she too is equally as frustrated, and we tossed this aside. To shut it off, you have to push that lovely button on the bottom again for about the same amount of time.

We did not like this one, sad to say. Maybe if the little tongues were just a little bit longer, it would work for us, but sorry, nope.




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