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On ‎6‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 8:12 PM, H. Housewife said:

My bad habit just keeps me.... I don't know.... what can you say when your brain continues about the thoughts even though you know the right thing to do is to forget about it but you can't.  You go through stages feeling like a mad scientist. I was so pissed off at myself but now my mind is in a fog of crazy lustful thoughts. His lady is beyond lucky holy fuck she's incredibly lucky! Of course I took a peek at his new post and Instagram video and just thinking, Holy mother fucking,WOW!!!! I can't help to think of the taste of his sweat after his hard workout. Yeah, OH FUCK, he loves to tease his viewers and his eyes....what would you call them.... either bedroom eyes or fuck me eyes. Have you ever been so crazy obsessed with something a person has such as an ultra sultry voice or amazingly  addictive savage eyes you just want to fuck that part of them. I can't clearly express myself but in the eyes of the world I have a bizarre way of thinking but I'm ok with that. He's a kind of person you can just stare at and the time would feel like it stops or feels like it's going backwards. Yeah, looking into the eyes of someone's soul. The glowing love for his lady and his dogs is so magically beautiful makes him even more attractive. No matter what he wears he'd still be the same. I often think if I was blind I'd think of him the same way just his love of life and especially that voice of his my god he could make anyone orgasm. Yeah,just imagine peeling layers of him the layers represent each amazing part of himself. Hmmmm....that sounds oddly gross but it's a pure example of every thought about him and I'm not a canibal. An orgasm is a sexy part of humantiy just imagine the person you are completely crazy about. They are reaching up to thier delicious climax and then that  earth shattering explosive orgasm. I can't help to think that it's  just the way he is,the way he looks,and that fierce sexy energy that makes me think of my favorite thoughts of things to do to him. To be in control but yet to please him in every way possible. It's not just the fucking part it's mostly the intensifying feeling the sensation of touching his flesh. My throbbing sensation my god he seems so unreal like a dream a fictional character. If only I could write a good enough book he'd be my insperation  Mabye in the future I could find someone who could write a complete detailed fiction mabye a co author. I have plenty of juicy ideas. My future has unlimited possibilities which I hope to achieve on of them.



Give me one or two lines, or I fade away  You are one complicated  woman . your thought process goes deep. If you ever want to get simple. Message me.

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