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How do you frot and still be feminine?

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I'm going to be honest. I hate anal sex. There's a high risk of injury if you have a partner who doesn't know what he's doing, if you want to avoid a mess there's so much prep work that there's no spontaneity, and even a pinhole opening in the condom, the chances of which are actually increased during anal sex, can lead to severe infections for the man even if you're both completely free of STDs.

I've recently looked into frotting. It seems like the perfect solution for the most part. It's relatively clean, it's mutually pleasurable, there's really no risk of injury, and there's only a very minor risk of infection (that last point is important for a slut like me). The big issue is that it seems to be the epitome of masculine sex acts, and that's a problem for me. I like to downplay the fact that my clit can function as a penis, but there's really no getting away from that with frotting.

I thought I came up with a solution. I slide a masturbation sleeve that's open on both ends over my clit, then my partner penetrates the sleeve above my clit and thrusts just like with any other form of penetration. All of the benefits of frotting, in theory it should give him the same sensation as anal, what little mess there is will be contained to my clit and his cock, and I get to be the woman during sex, not just a feminine looking man rubbing his cock against another man's. The only issue is it seems like the sleeve would tear from that type of double penetration. I've used similar items before, toys that were designed to look like the real thing, and the sleeve attached to it was pretty floppy. I made the mistake of using it laying on my back and tore right through it. Seems like the elasticity isn't there in those materials.

So does anyone have any tips for something I can use as an adapter of sorts? Something I can put on my clit that will allow me to frot, but still maintain the illusion that I'm being penetrated as a woman?

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