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$1.99 Rabbit Vibrator

Silicone Thrusting jack Rabbit

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Silicone Thrusting Jack Rabbit signature has 3 thrusting speeds and seven different flickering rabbit ear functions.  It’s waterproof and is rechargeable via usb.  This rabbit is made of silicone, has a silky smooth feel, is phthalate free and unscented.  Since it’s made of silicone remember to use only silicone free lubes.  This is an incredibly luxurious toy!

I have wanted to try out a thrusting toy for the longest time, so I was thrilled to get this Silicone Thrusting Jack Rabbit to try out!  I washed up my new friend and played with the controls to see how they work.  The control buttons are lined up in a row for easy use.  One on/off button, a thrusting button and one for the rabbit is super easy to reach and control!  Big bonus is it’s quiet enough that it would not be overheard outside your space. 

You can enjoy a slowish thrust on up to one feeling fast and hard with one speed in-between.  I was able to feel the ridge at the top of the toy massaging me as it moved up and down inside of me, delicious!  It didn’t require much input from me to control it.  All I needed to do is turn it on, choose my speed of thrust (better yet playing with the speed of thrust), choose the rabbit ears sensation, and goooooo, mmmmmm!  I experienced a longer, stronger climax and orgasm.

Before using a thrusting toy, I was curious if it would feel like the real thing. It doesn’t but, it brings on a sensation you can’t get from a traditional non thrusting toy and is much more satisfying.

The Silicone Thrusting Jack Rabbit is a GREAT addition to any toy box.  It would make a perfect luxury gift for someone special or give yourself a special treat!!!  The self thrusting action is an amazing feature and perfect for those without a partner, those who have travel is Tons of Fun!

I award this toy a 5 out of 5 hearts!

Review by Ladylove 7/30/2018

Luxury and Intensity!!




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