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Created this account for my wife and I.  I have a stag/vixen "mild cuck" fetish and am very open with my wife about it.  We do a lot of role play,  she even hotwifed a few years ago.   We're here to get some others perspective and hopefully get a clearer understanding.   Both my wife and I share this account so it could be either or both of us.  


Mr HW.

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Welcome mrmrsknox:  i too have a cuck fetish (not mild) LOL FINALLY persuaded her into giving it a shot! Married for years and would LOVE to share her body with others. Just have to try to figure out how to and who to...

good luck in your adventures 

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Northern Minnesota kinda hard to meet people next town is 75miles away lol. Good to meet ya. Like i said wife and i are REALLY interested i like you would love to see her with someone like me.. and get taken to the limits.  All we have r dildos but thats not the same. Have you guys ever? And if so how'd it go. We might have an opportunity this coming weekend 🙏  will let you know how things go.  

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