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I've been with my partner for over a year in a half. I got pregnant after a few months together. We didn't get much time to sexually explore each other's desire and it's hard to do with a baby now. I'm on the shy side when it comes to discussing things.

Anyway, I've had sexual fantasy for a long time. Most of them I stopped caring about. But I've always like the dom/sub aspect, where I'd give ownership of my body to him. Not so much the BDSM part of it. I want him to feel like he's entitled to sex and my body. With the few exceptions of the time of month, sick, etc, I never refuse sex (regardless if I'm in the mood or not and he can get me in the mood quickly with a gentle play on my nipples). I like when he has his way with me. But I don't know how to incorporate with daily life since we have a kid and limited time for intimacy. I'd like to feel reminded more often like my body is his property. Any advice on how to incorporate it or discuss it would be greatly appreciated.

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Is this something he is interested in too?

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